Student Gallery
Eye Study
This model of an eye was
fired on a kiln
. Water based
clay w
as used as the
medium, then glazed.
Game Concept
This game concept was
created with water based
clay and painted for
Life Drawing
This female model was
done with charcoal using a
live model.

Clay models
Using Super Sculpey clay,  
these models were created
starting with wire armatures.
Edge of Existence These
were created for
illustrations on a
book.  Maya and color
pencil were used for a
variety of styles.
Little Girl Portrait
This drawing was created
from a photograph,
using a
graphite pencil.
Woman with long hair
This pencil drawing was
created to show texture on
Sculpey Maquette
This clay model was done
using a wire armature, Super
Sculpey and then painted and
fired for a finished look.
Embossing and package
BFK paper and traditional
tools for embossing. The
package was done with foam
board and string.
Fine Arts Gallery
Online Portfolio Website
This work was done in
Illustrator to illustrate the
concept of movement,
isolation and focal point.
This acrylic painting shows
a mannequin resting
against a glass bottle.
Photo Manipulation
This photo was manipulated
using Photoshop to enhance
the colors and create a
Noelia Delgado Goss