Thesis Research
Graduate Graphic Design students design their thesis by exploring different ideas, researching and
learning from professionals in the industry.  Course finalizes with a thesis proposal and the concept
sketches to continue on the Thesis Development course.

THE ART INSTITUTE OF LAS VEGAS                                                                                                                                  

3D Modeling
Students create and texture 3D models using 3D Studio Max.

2D Animation
Using traditional animation techniques, students use pencil and paper to create animations applying the
Principles of Animation and focusing on timing, character movement, and expression.

Students learn the art of storyboarding, exploring camera techniques and drawing styles.

Character and Object Design
Students explore the different stages of the completion of an animated project, concentrating on the art
involved.  Stop-motion is explored, as well as concept art, model sheets, and building clay maquettes.

Students explore different mediums to create different kind of illustrations without the use of the computer.

Life Drawing
Students learn to observe and draw life models.

Digital Imaging
Students use Adobe Photoshop to manipulate digital images.

Survey of Media and Design
Students explore the nature of different fields of study, such as multimedia, Animation, Interior Design, and
Graphic Design. Focus is given to current trends, salary information, regional demand, and samples of
work for each field.

Computer Applications
Students learn to use the computer using a Windows environment. Focus is given to information structure,
Internet Information search techniques, use of Microsoft Word, Power Point, and Excel.

History of Design
Students learn about the historic landmarks that affect the graphic design of today.
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