Using acrylic as a painting medium, students explore different techniques and a variety of subjects,
including still life, landscapes, and the human figure.  Emphasis is given to color theory and composition.

DIGITAL MEDIA ARTS COLLEGE                                                                                                                                          

3D Modeling  
Students explore modeling with polygons, NURBs and subdivision, also lighting and texturing using
procedural and UV mapping.

Digital Imaging
Graphic design students explore Photoshop tools and techniques to develop creative ideas and apply them
to magazine ads, packaging, poster design, and desktop publishing.  Computer animation students learn
to create matte paintings and textures using Photoshop tools, and apply those textures to Maya characters
and environments.

Intro to Computers
Students explore Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point and learn to apply these software to an artistic

Animation Workshop
Graduate students learn the basics of animation and apply them to Maya characters and environments
using different techniques.

Media Illustration
Graduate students use Flash to create animations and design websites.

2D Animation
Students learn the animation principles on a traditional environment and apply them on a digital
environment using Flash.  Course begins with 2D animation hand drawn exercises and finalizes with an
animated clip using Flash.  Sound is incorporated to the final animation and dialogue is applied to the

Advanced Animation
Students learned to animate backgrounds using Paint Effects, Soft Bodies and deformers. From
exploration of the story structure, students translated their story to a storyboard and then into a CG
environment.  Lip-sync concepts and techniques were introduced for the next character animation course.
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