Maquette Construction
Students expand their knowledge of sculpture to the creation of accurate maquettes using model sheets for
reference. Maquettes are painted and baked to give them a finished look.  Mold making is explored using
liquid rubber and other materials.  Sculpey clay and acrylics are used for the final model.

Performance and Story Development
Students learn about story structure and body language to communicate emotions on animated
characters.  Model sheets, story bible, concept art, and a final script are developed through a process of
reviewing and re-writing throughout the course.

Hand Rendered Comps
Students apply previously learned principles of design to compositions rendered without the use of the
computer.  Emphasis is given to marker techniques, and mounting and presenting projects professionally.  

Principles of Design I
Students learn the basics of design, beginning with line and form, repetition and balance, and finalizing
with 3d arrangements on 2d environments.  Project mounting is practiced through the quarter in order to
achieve professional looking presentations.

INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY OF DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY                                                                                        

Drawing for Animation I
Students learn about the principles of animation and develop 2d animation techniques using traditional
animation techniques. Pencil tests are required for each project, which have to be finished as a movie

Movement for Animators
Students learn about basic anatomy and its application to movement in animation.  Acting exercises are
also explored and improvisation.  Rotoscoping technique is also applied to a final project.

MIAMI DADE COMMUNITY COLLEGE                                                                                                                                  

Intermediate Computer Arts
Students explore modeling with polygons and NURBs using Maya.  Basics of lighting, texturing, camera
animation and introduction to path animation are introduced to prepare students for the advanced
animation course.

Basic and Advanced Drawing
Students learn the concepts of drawing by exploring different techniques, different medium, and subjects,
including still life, landscape and the human figure.  
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