Computer Modeling I
Students learn the foundations of computer modeling with 3D Studio Max. Modifiers, splines,
Booleans and other method for creating complex forms are explored.

Computer Modeling II
Students learn about subdivision and NURBS modeling.  They apply their skills to bigger projects that are
good for a portfolio piece (such as a fully rendered vehicle and a character).

Computer Modeling III
Students develop a model based on precision modeling and create a character that interacts with their
object to show functionality and parts integration.  An exploded product is created to start with, and then
incorporated to an aniamation. Advanced techniques such as Patches and NURBS are explored more in

Materials and Lighting
Students create and apply materials to computer models created on 3d Studio Max and use lights to
create indoors and outdoors lighting conditions.

Advanced 2d Animation
Through class exercises, students learn to lip sync a sound clip to their 2d animated character.  
Rotoscoping is also applied to a project where students incorporate cleanup and inking on a digital

Color Theory
Students learn the theory of designing with color and using different painting and coloring mediums.

Computer Basics
Students learn the basic computer components, network browsing, internet basics, and Microsoft Office
products.  Students also get introduced to digital imaging and illustration software.

Storyboarding and Animatics
Students explore different techniques for storyboarding, working from a script and ending with an animatic
that includes sound and dialogue.

History of Computer Animation
Students learn the beginning and development of Computer Animation.  Techniques and styles are
explored and put into hands on projects that enable students to apply the concepts learned.

Figurative Sculpting for Animation
Students learn about the human figure using clay as the working medium.  Emphasis is given to the
proportions of the human figure and techniques to approach different visual effects.
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