This course introduces the student to the perception and rendition of movement in animation through
references in the real world. The student will learn to observe & reproduce movement, human or otherwise,
in a convincing manner and will transcribe those notions to the 3-D and 2-D environment.

Introduction to Digital Compositing
Student learn the basics of video editing, working with masks and mattes using video and still imagery.

THE ART INSTITUTE OF TAMPA                                                                                                                                         

Internship for Media Arts
Opened for one student close to graduation, this student reported any issues and work progress to me and
shared about the experience of working in a real studio environment.  After internship, student was hired for
the local studio as he currently continues his last courses toward his bachelor degree.

Demo Reel Research
Students start the pre-production stages of their final demo reel, including a storyboard, time schedule to
plan next quarter workload, and research on techniques of technical skills required to apply to final demo.

Introduction to 3d Animation
Students create a short movie using 3d Max, Photoshop and Premiere, demonstrating the use of modifiers
to inanimate characters to show how to convey emotion through movement.  Camera moves are explored
as well as simple use of bones to create movement

Animation Layout and Scene Design
Students create a short script and develop all model sheets and storyboard to finalize with a complete
package for a game design proposal.  3ds Max and Photoshop are used as the main software for the
course.  Final project included a 3d animatic composited in Premiere, using their model sheets and low
polygon environments.

Low Polygon Modeling and Animation
Using 3ds Max, Photoshop and Premiere, students create an animatic based on their low polygon
characters and environments. Sounds are added to the sequence to create a game intro or level transition
scene.  Emphasis is given to low polygon count and techniques to increase and reduce polygon count in
modeling and texturing.

Image Manipulation
Students learn the foundation of digital imaging while exploring Adobe Photoshop.  They find solutions to
problems and apply their design skills to the artistic application of the software.
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