Computer 3d Modeling and Animation II
Simple modeling and animation is created to familiarize the students with keyframing and timing on a 3d
environment.  3ds Max is used as the main software for the course.

Basic drawing techniques are explored, and the foundation of drawing is explored, including line, contour,
and shading.

3d Camera and Lighting Techniques
Camera movement, lighting, and modeling are applied to projects where students use layout, camera
move and light to create a mood on a sequence.  Editing is also explored as part of the storytelling.  3ds
Max is used as the main software for the course.

Digital Image Manipulation
The foundations of image manipulation are explored by using techniques to extract objects from a
background, change color, and improve the quality of a digital image.  Photoshop and Illustrator as used as
the main software for the course.

2d Animation
Students create a 10 second animation using provided guidelines and using FlipBook Pro.  Emphasis is
given to motion and gestures.

Advanced Computer Graphics/Digital Design  
Advanced Graphic Design students work on the development process of developing a campaign for non-
profit organization.  From concept to completion, students develop marketing pieces and get them ready for
printing.  Budget and other topics are discussed with the clients in real interviews.  Students have the
option to create their own company as well.  Software emphasis is given to Adobe Photoshop and InDesign.

Advanced Character Animation
Students will build on their knowledge on 3d character modeling and animation to further expand their
knowledge on acting by exploring how the poses and movement affects their character’s animation.  
Software used is 3ds Max.

Advanced 2d Animation for Game Art
Building on basic skills, this course will begin to explore advanced techniques for life drawing, both human
and animal. Characterization will be covered again. The principles of mime and choreography will be
employed as character studies and character model sheets will be developed. Working with a variety of
media, backgrounds, special effects, and other drawings for animations will be examined.

Advanced Software II
Students use Maya as a tool to create a 3d model of a human or biped creature.

Sculptural Modeling
Students used sculpey clay and created the digital equivalent of a bust, using 3d software, such as 3ds
Max, Maya, Mudbox or Zbrush. Topics like anatomy and retopology were included in the course.
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