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Training/ Certificates   (most recent)                                                                                                                          
                                 Ongoing Faculty Development @ EDMC (now Dream Center Foundation)- 2006 to present
Make it Stick - August 2016
          Generation Z Goes to College - 2016
                                 Social Media - 2016
           Staying Motivated - 2016      
           Retrain your Brain  - 2016      
           Various Faculty Development Courses - July 2006 to present
           Autodesk, The Area Learning Community - 2010 to present
           Faculty Development Webex Workshops @ EDMC (various) - July 2002 to present
  Online Training Library Access - 2011 to present
           Academic Integrity - 2015
           Best Practices for Teaching Military Students - 2015
           Best Practices in Online Discussions - 2015
           Teaching the Advanced Student - 2015
           Teaching Millenials Online - 2015
           Bridging the Gap between A's and F's - 2015                

Committee Experience Examples                                                                                                                                
                                SOCIAL MEDIA MODERATOR - contribute to Media Arts & Animation community in
                                ADCOM - Portfolio Reviews for entrance admission on Game Art & Media Arts (Art
                                PAC - Program Advisory Committee - provided input on industry requirements to growing
           education programs (Art Institutes)
           Alumni Outreach - Assisted on efforts to keep in touch with graduated students
           Faculty Events - Assisted on programming events for faculty at AIPOD        
           Graduation Portfolio - Assist on initiatives for graduating students  
           Student Success - Initiate and implement ideas to increase student persistence and         
                                 Capstone  - Evaluate graduation portfolios for Game Art and Media Arts students

Celeste Masinter - Instructor, Art Institute of Tampa, Florida (colleague)
           “Noelia is an upbeat and genuine soul who cares deeply about her students, her
           colleagues, and her work. At the same time, she remains vigilant and passionate  
           about  doing the right thing. In fact, it was Noelia's incredible hospitality that won me over in
           accepting a position at the Art Institute. I am happy to know her as a friend.”

Derek Stewart - Student, The Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division       
                           “I have nothing but great things to say about Noelia. She was my Portfolio Presentation
                        instructor for 11 weeks at the Art Institute Online where I was meant to take the sum of all
                        that I had learned in previous courses and put together the best possible representation...
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