Student Gallery
Las Vegas
This surrealistic version of Las
Vegas Strip was created in Maya to
use for a promotional video for The
Art Institute of Las Vegas.
Nanopuente Virtual Heart
This is an example of the Virtual
Heart Project, where I directed
students on the creation of a virtual
heart for a research project
involving the American Heart
This composite sequence done
with After Effects shows a
meteor landing on the water.
The burning tree
This Maya Paint Effects
sequence shows animated
brushes to create a surrealistic
Dancing lady
This Maya cloth test sequence
shows a woman who dances
on the room and then leaves.
Second Life Modeling
This snapshot shows
several objects modeled in
Second Life for the Godzilla
This model of a woman
was created using 3ds Max.
3d Gallery
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Student Gallery
Bubble Man
This Maya sequence shows the
struggles of an actor who is left to
make decisions on a video shoot.
Where is the ball?
This Maya sequence portraits cloth
and dynamics on the interior of a
room.  A picture on the wall plays
an important role on the story.
This Maya model was textured and
animated for Bezzle Bug Bit for a
Railroad Tracks
This train tracks model was
textured for Beezle Bug Bit.
Fine Art Work Movie
This After Effects sequence
shows some of my early fine
arts work on a moving format.
Noelia Delgado Goss